Journal Entry Rules


  Below you will see text and a picture for each journal entry. Right below this you will see the rules of which I will ensure this blog will follow and other information:

  • Every journal entry post will be numbered
  • Every journal entry post will have text, anything that is in quotes and is bold is what is written in the actual journal, just a transcribed version in case you can not read his handwriting. Along with the transcribed text, some entries may also include my thoughts and opinions which will not be in quotes.
  • Every journal entry post will also have a picture of the entry as written in the journal to go along with the transcribed text.
  • The date’s and other words of entry’s that have not been posted will be blurred out. I will do this in Photoshop (Ex: In the picture for entry #2 the date for entry #3 is visible, so I would blur it out in Photoshop).
  • All other posts besides journal entries will be clear they aren’t journal entries.
  • This website is not named after me, it is named after my Grandfather