Entry #78

“Oct 18 – Alerted for move again, looks like were going to the Philippines at last. Put on advance echelon.” Entry#78(2)

Mike starts this entry off by writing “Alerted for move again”. The last time he wrote about moving to the Philippines was in Entry #60 , which was written on Saturday , September 23rd 1944 (about 25 days prior to this entry). If you’re interested in the geography and significance of the Philippines during WWII I would recommend going back and reading that entry, as I go into detail about it.

The next part Mike wrote is “looks like were going to the Philippines at last.” I am not going to go into more detail until he arrives there, but as previously mentioned the geographical location and all that is in a previous entry. In a future entry, when he arrives there I will go into more detail about the Philippines, so if you do not want to go back and read the previous entry, the information will be re-explained eventually.

Back to this entry, I can not tell if Mike was excited to go there hence how he wrote “going to the Philippines at last.” Depending on how you read it, it comes across as him being excited to go there. I doubt that, as he could most likely guess or knew about the massive battle that would take place there. He was probably excited because it was one step closer towards the end of the war and him being home. That is my best guess as to the meaning of this line.

He ends this entry by writing “Put on advance echelon.” The abbreviation for “Advance echelon” is ADVON. It is also known as forward echelonwhich essentially means he is going to be one of the first units to get to the Philippines.