Entry #74

“Oct 9 – Had raid at 6 A.M. dropped bombs on beach.”


This entry was written on a Monday, two days after the previous entry. I would imagine Mike and the other soldiers had a lot of cleaning up to do after the bombing that took place, two days prior to this.

Mike starts off this entry by writing “Had raid at 6 A.M.” This is interesting because it’s the same time the bombing happened in the previous entry, but up until that point they were occurring in the evening / night. So maybe the Japanese have changed the time they will conduct these raids at.

Mike then wrote “dropped bombs on beach.” Now would Mike have considered himself to be on the beach, or was there other soldiers / objects (vehicles, buildings, weapons, etc) on the beach? That I am not sure of, but when he says “beach” I am guessing it was the area where there was not any soldiers. If you have any other idea feel to leave it in the comments below.