Entry #72

“Oct 6 – Had alert at 4:00 A.M. Night fighter shot plane down before he could do anything.”


This entry starts off fairly standard, by having a raid in the evening.

We then move onto to the next part, which is fairly interesting and needs a bit of explaining. Mike starts this part off by saying “Night fighter shot plane down”. You might not know what a “Night fighter” is so I will try and explain it.

night fighter was a type of aircraft used during WWI and WWII. It was an aircraft specialized for use in any type of weather, night, or any time with low visibility, hence the name. A lot of them would have radar and other specialized detection systems on board, which would help them detect enemies in poor visibility. They were also commonly used for reconnaissance (searching for the enemy and specific objectives without them knowing), especially during the night.


Here is an example of what one looked like. This one was a P-61 Black Widow. It was mainly used for bombing during the night by axis and allied forces.

So hopefully you have a better idea of what a night fighter is, so the rest of this entry could make more sense. Mike then wrote “shot down plane before he could do anything.” This means that their night fighter shot down a Japanese plane extremely quickly, most likely some time after 4:00 P.M. that day.

If their night fighter shot down the Japanese plane quickly it was most likely already in the sky patrolling, and probably saw an incoming Japanese plane on it’s radar.

Where I found the image of the P-61 Black Widow