Entry #81

“Oct 24 – Another raid, dropped phosphorus bomb on strip killing two men.”


Mike starts this entry off just like a lot of the previous entries, by writing “Another raid.” The raids that occurred almost everyday to Mike and so many other soldiers during the war was a sad reality, that probably felt routine to them, as horrible as that sounds.

The next part, however is a bit different, Mike wrote “dropped phosphorus bomb on strip”. In the previous entry, I wrote a lot about phosphorus bombs, probably much more than needed, explaining the significance of it during warfare. If you don’t know too much about phosphorus bombs and how they were used during WWII I would recommend going back and reading over that entry. This marks the second time a phosphorus bomb was used by the Japanese against Mike and the other soldiers with him.

The next three words that Mike wrote are very powerful; “killing two men.” I consider this to be a very monumental point for this journal and the project thus far. Up until now, to the best of my recollection, Mike has only written about people being killed in two other entries: Entry #41 and Entry #73. This does not mean these are the only times throughout his service he saw people get killed, it just means he choose to write it down in his journal these specific instances. He might have known the people that got killed, causing him to write it down. Either way, I like to bring significance to the times when he mentions anyone of his fellow soldiers being killed.

I can’t imagine how horrific this was for Mike and the other soldiers, as to the best of my knowledge this is the first time Mike would have seen someone killed by a phosphorus bomb.

Those two brave men who got killed on Tuesday, October 24th, 1944 are resting easy in Valhalla now.