*Please be aware that in some of the journal entries he wrote the word “Japs” and other similar words , if anything in this journal offends anyone or brings hate to anyone that is not the intention and I do apologize, but at the time that was how he wrote them.*

Hello internet, my name is Michael (please note that the journal is NOT named after me) . The purpose of this website is for my family and I to share my Grandfather’s journal entries from his time serving in World War II for the United States of America’s Army. We are doing this because we feel it is time to share this with the world. I don’t imagine there are a lot of intact journals from soldiers who served in the second World War so we would like to get information like this out to other people.  Also in case we were to loose this journal, we have another way to access it.  I’d imagine you came to this page to learn info that is not in the journal, so to the best of our knowledge we will try and provide that to you.

My grandfather’s name was Mike (short for Michael, I was named after him) , his wife’s name is Mary – Jane (I am choosing to keep their last name out for privacy reasons). Mike was born  on August 15th, 1923 in a section of a small suburb currently known as Bethel Park. At the time, it was a very small, poor mining town right outside the city of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, in the United States of America.  His mother and father immigrated from a country at the time known as Austria – Hungary, in the early 1900’s (before 1918). They came over to live the “American Dream” and escape the war torn environment they lived in, since at the time World War I was occurring. When they arrived they had no money and his father worked in a coal mine, while his mother was a housewife. He graduated from high school in 1941, at the age of 18. He had planned on going to dental school , but instead got drafted into the military soon after. After serving in the second World War he returned home and shortly after met a girl named Mary – Jane, which is currently my grandmother, so i’m sure you can tell where what was headed. Mike worked in a steel mill , while his wife was a housewife. They had four children, three girls and one son. Their son passed away in the summer of 2016 and their three daughters are still alive, one of which is my mother. Mike developed colon cancer, and shortly after passed away. He died on January 23rd, 2000, making him 77 years old.

*The reason I do not mention anything about his service in World War II in the “About” section of this website is because the point of this website is to release the entries following the frequency of how he wrote them. So any information about his service and what he did in the War will be discovered as more entries are released.*

*This website is 100% non – profit. As I DID NOT even purchase the plan that could allow me to monetize this website (display adds to generate me revenue).