Entry #83

“Oct 26 – Had raid at 11:00 P.M. Good news Jap fleet beaten and turned back. Japs lose or damage , 58 ships. We also sustained losses.”

Entry #83(2)

Alright, this entry follows the brutal, routine, reality that Mike and the other soldiers during this war faced ; starting off with a “raid at 11:00 P.M.” 

This entry is also very different in tone when in comparison to just about every other one. It is almost uplifting sounding, when reading it. I would imagine Mike was in a more positive mood when he wrote this, as the “Jap fleet beaten and turned back” must have been a major morale booster for him and the other soldiers. This meant the war in the Pacific was starting to go in favor of the allied forces.

I am guessing this is the aftermath of the Battle of Samar, which I talked about in the previous entry. If you don’t know what the battle is, I would recommend going back and reading through that post, which will hopefully help this one make more sense.

The next part is very interesting as it gives a quantity, mentioning “58 ships” owned by the Japanese Navy that got destroyed or damaged. This is a major victory for the allied forces,  as this made a fairly large dent in their Navy, and set them back a fair bit. If the American forces would have lost this battle, it could have allowed the Japanese to take over the Philippines, and ultimately winning the war. That is only a theory though, so please take it with a grain of salt.

Mike ends this entry in a solemn, kind of melon-colic way, by writing “We also sustained loses.” 

The total American loses for the Battle of Samar are as follows:

  • 5 ships destroyed
  • 6 ships damaged but survived
  • 23 aircraft’s destroyed
  • 1,583 men killed / missing
  • 913 men wounded but survived

The total Japanese loses for the Battle of Samar are as follows:

  • 58 or more ships damaged / destroyed
  • 52 aircraft’s destroyed
  • Unknown amount of men killed / missing
  • Unknown amount of men wounded that survived

Hopefully these numbers can give more perspective to “We also sustained loses.”



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