Entry #76

“Oct 11 – Had raids at 3 and 4 A.M. They hit gas dump first run. Lit up whole sky.”


This one starts off fairly similar to the previous entry, as Mike wrote he “Had raids at 3 and 4 A.M.” To the best of my recollection this is the earliest any raid as taken place so far for Mike. I can’t imagine being woken up to that.

Mike goes on to write “They hit gas dump first run.” A gas dump is essentially a separate tank or trailer (it can also just be a lot of barrels) where excess gas is stored. It could be stored because it’s unusable or just because it’s extra that is not needed at the time. This was most likely hit on purpose by the Japanese. Not only would it create a massive explosion and could potentially cause a lot of casualties, but if it was extra gas, destroying that would be extremely beneficial for the Japanese.  As it would setback Mike and the other soldiers a lot.

Mike then wrote “Lit up whole sky”. Now he is either referring to the explosion generated by the gas dump or in general all the bullets in the air from the Japanese forces and the Allied forces there. My best guess is a combination of both. Either way this is a very poetic and eerie sounding line.

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