Entry #70

“Oct 4. – 20 of our planes arrived, everybody happy.”

Entry #70(2)

This is entry is a bit of a change of pace compared to the last few, as no mentions of raids or alerts are in this one. Now does this mean that nothing (in terms of raids / alerts) took place that day?

It could mean that ; it could also mean that ones did but Mike just choose not to write about it.

Mike says that “20 of our planes arrived,everybody happy.” Twenty is a decent amount, so they are most likely preparing for the Invasion of the Philippines (also known as the Philippines Campaign) that will be starting only sixteen days after Mike wrote this. I wrote a lot more about the Philippines and why it was so crucial during the war in Entry #60If you would like to know more information about it I would suggest going there.

I can’t imagine how big of a morale boost this must have been to Mike and the other soldiers, as it was probably a symbol of hope they would win.

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