Entry #67

“Oct 1 – Had raid at 8:30 P.M. and also a scare. Were up all night, guard thought he saw someone fooling around our vehicles.”


Alright so the beginning of this entry starts out fairly typical, with another raid taking place. This time it is at a different time and Mike wrote “and a scare.” If that is actually what is says, I’m guessing this raid must’ve been worse than the other ones and could’ve put his life in more danger than usual. He normally does not write that the raids or anything along those lines scare him, so I’m guessing this one was quite serious if he choose to write about it. This most likely also contributed to them being up all night. They were probably very anxious from that raid, and stayed up encase another raid were to happen.

We then move onto the second part of the entry. I honestly do not even know what to write about it, as it’s very vague. The next entry was written on October 2nd, one day after this one. He does not mention anything about the vehicles.

If the guard did see someone there is a possibility it could be one of their own soldiers, a native person, or a Japanese soldier. My best guess is that it would be a native person, as if it were a Japanese soldier the guard most likely would have shot at the person(even if they couldn’t hit them, at least to scare the person off). If it was one of their own, the uniform probably would have been noticed.

If someone was tampering with the vehicles, it was probably to sabotage them and possibly prevent the soldiers from using them. I think this also rules out the possibility of it being another American soldier.

If anyone knows more about things like this that took place during the war or has any ideas on what this means please feel free to comment down below.

5 thoughts on “Entry #67

    • No need to apologize , he was in the 5th Air Force , his unit just seemed to be a standard ground force one though.

      Gotcha , wow I had no idea things like this were common. So you think it was probably a Japanese soldier that wanted to stop them from using the vehicles?

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      • Could have been or just one of their many critters roaming around. The 5th AF was associated quite a bit with my dad’s unit, the 11th A/B, in fact they helped train them in New Guinea!

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      • Ohhh ok gotcha, that’s really interesting , thank you for letting me know.

        Oh wow so you’re dad was Infantry throughout the war then? There’s a chance your father and my grandfather could’ve met at one point, that’s crazy

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