Entry #66

“Sept 30 – Had raid at 7 P.M. Planes were after shipping. 4 more alerts later.”


It looks like the Japanese have not changed their time of doing the raids, as this one also took place at “7 P.M.” just like in the last few entries.

Mike then goes on to write “Planes were after shipping.” This is very interesting, as up until now, he never wrote why the Japanese were doing these raids almost every night. Now this does not mean this was the purpose the Japanese did it the other nights, and could just be the reason they did it this night. Again that is only a guess of mine.

So you might be wondering why the Japanese would target “shipping” and exactly that means? When he wrote “shipping” I think he was referring  to the cargo & troop transports ships/planes they had. These vessels were used to ship/transport resources (food, water, ammunition, clothing, weapons, etc.) and soldiers. In Entries #22 and #51 I explained what these are and went into detail about the one Mike was.

Now if my guess is correct on what he meant by “shipping”, I will also try and guess why the Japanese would target this. If the Japanese were to destroy these planes/ships then they would not only stop the soldiers below from shipping out the above mentioned resources, but also from receiving them. If they could cut off their supply of these resources it would be much easier for the Japanese to fight the soldiers later on. It is very frightening to envision the possibility of this, that was fairly standard throughout the war. If one side (Axis or Allied) were to cut off the planes/ships used to import/export resources, the other side would essentially be trapped there until help would arrive.

The final part of this entry says “4 more alerts later.” As for what type of alerts these were, I am not too sure. I would imagine they were alerts of an incoming Japanese plane/ship or group(s) of soldiers. He does not say whether or not these turned into raids, so I am not sure what actually became of these.


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