Entry #64

“Sept 28 – Had raid at 7 P.M.. One Jap downed”


Alright so this entry is keeping up the trend of the last few of being fairly short. As I mentioned in the previous entry I thought the Japanese would change the times they decided to conduct these raids, as two of their planes got shot down the day prior to him writing this. But I guess not as they did it again at 7 P.M. This time it was only raid  and the day of the week was a Thursday.

Mike wrote “One Jap downed.” This means that they shot one of the Japanese planes down, most likely using an anti – aircraft gun. I would imagine this along with the events that took place the previous day were huge boosts to Mike and the other soldier’s morale. But then again there is no way to tell  what Mike personally thought; if he thought this was right or wrong. I’ve mentioned this before,  but when he was alive he never spoke about the war and what he did in it.

From what my Grandmother and Mother has told me Mike was always a very reserved person in general and incredibly kind – hearted. So I could make an assumption of what Mike thought about war and killing but it would only be a guess.

3 thoughts on “Entry #64

    • Yea that is true, it did not make him better. He was so friendly my mother said that his friends would refer to him as “Uncle Mike”.

      Yea I’m guessing that he supported what this country did and was happy to fight for it. But in terms of what he actually did , I think if he killed he would’ve regretted it , as he was very religous and never liked violence of any kind. That’s my opinion at least.

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