Entry #63

Sept 27 – Two more raids at 6 & 7 P.M. Plenty of ack ack. 2 planes shot down.”


Alright so the first part of this is almost identical to the last entry . If you notice the raids took place at the exact same times on the 26th & 27th. This is very interesting, as it leads me to believe the Japanese did them at this time for a specific reason. Possibly because they may have thought the soldiers were eating or relaxing at this time and would not be expecting it.

But I am guessing they changed the times after this, as Mike and the other soldiers prepared, which leads me into the second part of the entry.

Mike wrote “Plenty of ack ack. 2 planes shot down”. If you remember, in Entry #57 I explained what “ack ack” means. It is basically the term the soldiers used to describe what was being shot out of the anti – aircraft guns. The bullets being shot out were so fast they made an “ack ack” like sound. I would recommend going back and reading that entry to get a better idea of this if it’s confusing you.

Mike wrote “2 planes shot down”. This means that  the anti – aircraft guns shot those planes down. I would imagine this was a major morale boost for Mike and the other soldiers.

The Japanese lost anywhere from 35,000 to 50,000 aircraft’s through WWII while the U.S. lost 95,000 aircraft’s. If you’re interested in the actual number of equipment lost by each country in the war you can check out this website.


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