Entry #61

“Sept 25 – Jap strafed without warning.”


Alright so this post is going to be very short when in comparison to some recent ones. This entry appears as it if was written in a rush perhaps, as it is very short and a lot less descriptive than previous entries. This was also written two days after the last one.

As I explained in Entry #59the term “strafing”  is basically when an enemy aircraft flies overhead, fairly low while shooting / dropping bombs at whatever is below them. The targets could range from soldiers to ships to bases / equipment, or even other aircraft’s (if they were grounded that is).

Here is a video I found that shows colorized (color added to the video) footage of strafing runs that took place during WWII. If you’re curious as to what this looked like from the pilot’s perspective I would recommend watching at least a few seconds of this:


So typically Mike would talk about how there would be alerts prior to these happening that would warn them so they could prepare. Whether it was the radar system or something else that detected it. Well for whatever reason, this time there was no warning. There is a number of possibilities why, my best guess would be that this was either in bad weather or at night, maybe the radar station was not working. Thus causing no alerts to go out.

Not only would this be beyond terrifying with alerts, I couldn’t even begin to imagine how much worse it would be when you don’t even know it’s coming.

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