Entry #58

“Sept 21 – Natives very intelligent. Front not far from us, hear artillery.”


Alright firstly you might notice a blurry mark at the bottom of this image, this is the date for the next image. Previously in order to cut out the date and any information from the next entry I would open it up in MS Paint and scribble over it. I realized how tacky and unprofessional that looks and that people might think it is actually part of the entry. So from now on I will be using Photoshop to blur out any information in the next entry.

Mike wrote “Natives very intelligent.” This is very interesting, as in some of the photos he took, he shows the natives. I do not have any of them with me to show you but hopefully soon I will. His photographs depict the natives in a sort of friendly way, like they weren’t against or scared of the American soldiers on their land. Also the fact that Mike choose to comment on their intelligence, leads me to believe he didn’t think they would be. I am not sure what aspect of the them he is referring to as intelligent, whether it’s their knowledge of America, or what is going on in the war, or just overall intelligence.

If you remember from previous entries he got to Morotai Island, which is in Eastern Indonesia. To my best knowledge he is either still there or on some other island nearby. It is often hard to tell these things, because in some entries Mike is very descriptive and writes about all the events that took place during his day, and then in some like this one, he doesn’t mention anything about what he actually did during his day.

He then says “Front not far from us, hear artillery.” This is leading me to believe he is still on Morotai or somewhere nearby, as the Battle of Morotai is still occurring. Which I wrote about in this entry. When he says “Front not far from us” he is essentially saying that the area where direct combat/fighting is taking place is very close to him.

Now did he go to the front at some point throughout his day or get any closer, I do not know? My best guess would be yes, as the island he is most likely on is fairly small, only 695 square miles in size. Which if you think about it is not that large, when the average U.S. state is well over 10,000 square miles in size. If he was close to the front , he was most likely in the middle area of the island, and in such a crucial battle like this it would make sense that he would have to to the area were fighting took place at one point or another. But again, I do not know for certain. If you have any ideas or thoughts on this feel free to leave them in the comments below.

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