Hello everyone, it is me the owner / creator of this website. This post is going to be a little recap of what we have accomplished in 2017 in terms of the website, along with me thanking you guys. So if you’re not interested in this, I would suggest to stop reading now, but if you should decide to stay, I appreciate it.

So first and foremost, I would like to thank anyone who has ever viewed this website, whether it be on a regular basis or a once and done type of deal. Today we officially hit 2,000 total website views.


Just five months and two days ago we exceeded 1,000 total views, which I posted about here. I honestly can not express my gratitude and thankfulness enough. It means more to me than you could possibility imagine, that I am able to carry on my Grandfather’s legacy like this. So again thank you to the regular viewers of the website like GP Cox , a gray, and my family members. You all have helped me a lot with the website, whether it be correcting something I wrote, or figuring out what a word is, or just giving me overall feedback. Just know it is much appreciated. From here on out I hope we can continue to exceed these numbers. It still just baffles me that over 2,000 individuals have taken time out of their life, to come to this website and read what my Grandfather wrote. It is a very heart warming feeling, and I’m sure if Mike was still here he would feel the same way.

So now I would like to do a quick recap of 2017 and what actually occurred on this website, in terms of the numbers and statistics. None of this is intended as me bragging or being “cocky”.  Instead I am doing this to be transparent and to show how far we have come.


The above image is the stats of the website for the year 2017. Since starting this website in March of 2017 the above numbers show how far we have come. It is thanks to you all, who decide to come here and read all of this. While this means a lot to me, the following images mean even more.

The two above images are the list that shows what countries people have viewed this website from. In total there are 38 of them. The reason this means so much to me, is because one of my main intentions for creating this website was to share my Grandfather’s journal with anyone on the world who is interested. It is still unbelievable to me that people all the way from Finland or China (for example) have came to this website to read Mike’s journal entries. This just shows how powerful of a tool the internet is and I can not explain how happy this makes me feel. If Mike was still around he would be baffled, that people on the opposite side of the world are even interested in this.

So again, thank you.

~ Michael

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