Entry #57

“Sept 19 – While in harbor Jap plane came over and dropped bombs on beach. A real barrage of ack ack.”


Alright so I hope everyone’s New Year is going well, I know it’s a little late to say that now but I figured I might as well. Don’t worry I’m not going to turn this into another apology/explanation post of where I’ve been, so let’s get into it.

So the first thing you might notice is the date of this entry, which Mike wrote as “Sept 19”. The reason this immediately sticks out is because the previous entry’s date reads “Sept 20”. My best guess is that he meant to write this before that entry but did not get a chance so instead choose to put it in after.

The first line is one that’s all too common in this journal, the Japanese dropping bombs on the areas where he is. I’d imagine this was fairly close to him, as he was on the harbor.

The next line does need a bit of explaining. It reads “A real barrage of ack ack”. Now at first appearance “ack ack” would seem like chicken scratch, or maybe a misspelled word. In actuality it stands for anti-aircraft gunfire. This means that the anti-aircraft guns along the harbor where he was most likely fired back at the Japanese plane flying overhead. The reason it is called “ack ack” is because the gun fired it in quick bursts.


This is an image of what an “ack ack” gun looks like. It fires 40mm rounds, and takes a few soldiers to operate. This specific image was taken in 1943.

Ack Ack Gun Image

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