Entry #52

“Sept 13 – Got underway at 9:30 A.M. Arrived at Wakde that night to pick up convoy.”


Alright so what I find interesting about this is he did not use military time, he wrote “9:30 A.M.”. In military time this would be 0930 eliminating the need to use A.M. or P.M.

So he said he “Arrived at Wakde that night to pick up convoy.”. Wakde is an Island about 225 miles east of Biak Island, which is where he was at before this.  Wakde is a fairly small island group within Indonesia. It was used as an airfield by allied forces.


This is a modern image, an overhead view of the island. As you can see it is fairly small with the airstrip in the middle and a smaller, separate island to the bottom of it.


Here is map, I opened it up in Photoshop to draw the line showing you where he went.

Here is more information on Wakde and where I found the map image of it

Here is information on the battle that took place to take it over from the Japanese, prior to Mike going there

Here is where I found the aerial view picture of the island


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  1. I don’t know if you’ve heard from Ian, the Aussie Emu, but he has been working on the idea I gave him that maybe the Wully Wap was some sort of native slang. I’ll try to keep you posted. [this notebook/laptop is a pain.]

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