Entry #51

“Sept 12 (Heard the Wully wap at Biak but couldn’t see him.) – Boarded Liberty Ship Joe S.C. Blackburn.”


Alright so before I get into what this is about, I would like to explain why I wrote “Heard the Wully wap at Biak but couldn’t see him.” I know this does not make sense to you, just know I’m right with you. I sat here for a while to try and figure out what the bit in parentheses next to the date says but cannot. I even tried using a magnifying glass and getting someone else’s opinion and still can’t. So I apologize for that. Below is going to be a zoomed in image of that part of the entry, if you can figure it out please comment below and I will update this accordingly. Any help will be greatly appreciated.


Now to the rest of the entry, this one is fairly straight forward. He wrote “Boarded Liberty Ship Joe S.C. Blackburn.”. If you remember from a while ago he has been on a Liberty ship before, as they are cargo ships, designed for transporting troops, vehicles, weapons, and ammunition. I could not find much about this specific ship except a record of when it was built and what happened to it after. You can read that here, (it’s about the 20th name down the page) if you’re really that interested in it. As for who it’s named after, I am not sure. There are a few people with the name Joseph Blackburn who lived during the 1900’s that have served in the military. I am guessing the S.C. part stands for South Carolina. I also apologize that I can not provide more information about this, if you can feel free to comment it below and I will update this accordingly. But just know the significance of this ship’s name is not too important, as it was a transport ship he will be on temporarily.


3 thoughts on “Entry #51

    • Yea , I tried all that too and still can’t 😦 Thank you for trying , I really appreciate that. Yea, that’d be awesome if could check with some other people! I’m starting to think it’s someone’s name if it’s not slang. Thanks again

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