Entry #48

“Sept 4 – Started packing for move, rumor that we’re going North of Halmahera”

Entry #48(2)

The black marking is digital only, I did it to cover up the next entry.

Alright so this one took me about twenty – five minutes to figure out the final word of it. I can read most of his handwriting even though it might take me a bit. But this word was especially hard.  So I tried zooming in with Photoshop, I tried looking at a map of the Pacific, I tried researching Battles that happened in the Pacific during WWII and finally came to the conclusion that it says “Halmahera.” 

Halmahera is the largest island within the Maluku Island chain, which is in Indonesia.


The island circled on the right is where he was at, at the time he wrote this, the chain of islands circled on the left is Halmahera.

I realized geography is very important in a project like this, so the reader can have a sense of direction, a sense of where Mike was actually headed. So I found this image and opened it up in Photoshop to give you a better idea of where this is on a world map. He is currently on the Island of Owi, right next to Biak Island, and said he is rumored to go to Halmahera. Halmahera is in the middle of the North Maluku Islands, and is about 550 miles away from where he was. The reason I am even going into detail about these is because he is going to be in the North Maluku Islands for quite a while, which you will find out more about in the coming entries.

If would like me to include more information about the locations and geography of where he was headed, please let me know by commenting and I will do so.

More information about the island of Halmahera

More information about the Maluku Islands

Image of the Provinces of Indonesia

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