Entry #47

“Sept 2 – Got first issue of beer, sure was tasty.”

Entry #47(2)

Alright so I am not very good at reading cursive, so after staring at this for about ten minutes, I am fairly certain it says “Got first issue of beer, sure was tasty.” If I am wrong I apologize, but that is what it looks like to me. If I am incorrect feel free to comment below and I will update this accordingly.

So to me this seemed interesting, that troops were issued beer. Now I know that alcohol and war has gone hand in hand since the ancient times, to take the troops minds off of the horror, and let them relax a little. But I had no idea it was actually issued to to troops, so I decided to research  this. Below will be information on beer during WWII, so if you are not interested in that, I would suggest to stop reading here.


This what the beer cans given to American troops looked like during WWII.

So as you can see, in the picture up above, those do not look like typical cans of beer. They are painted an olive drab color, which was done on purpose. This was actually done to camouflage them from enemy air crafts.

During this time the United States Department of Agriculture forced 15% of all beer production within the United States to be set aside for the troops. Currently the U.S. produces around 196 million barrels of beer per year, during the 1940’s it was most likely half this number, so 15% of that was still a pretty large amount. The beer given to troops was also much stronger than normal beer, and much stronger than the beer of the other allied forces.

Here is where I found this information , along with some other details about beer during wartime

Here is where I found the picture

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