Entry #46

“Sept 1 – Japs raided Biak.” 

Entry #46(2)

Alright so first off, just to give a little background, as this has not been mentioned in quite a while (my comments on the actual journal entry will be at the bottom, so feel free to skip down there if you are not interested in any of this). The year is currently 1944, this entry was written on September 1st, 1944, which was a Friday. From the best of my knowledge based off what he has written in the journal, he is currently on the Island of Owi, formally known as Pulau Owi. At the time it was an air field used by allied forces, and is within the Schouten Islands of Indonesia. It is around ninety miles east from the island of Biak, which was where a major battle took place lasting from May 27th 1944, to around June 22nd 1944, which mike wrote about in previous entries of his. You can check that out here if you’re interested. The island he is on and the ones around him are key locations of the Pacific War (the part of WWII that took place around the Philippines and Japan). Below you will find a picture of where Pulua Owi island actually is in the world.


This is a zoomed in map of Biak Island and the ones around it, as you can see Owi is the small island to the east of it, which is where Mike was at the time.


The part highlighted in red is roughly where Biak island and Owi island are compared to the rest of the world.

Mike was part of the 5th Air Force, and had the duty as a dental assistant on the side of the other standard troop duties (fighting for and protecting your bass if need be, helping wounded, repairing vehicles and objects, guarding your base, taking over new areas, those types of aspects).


This is Mike’s uniform jacket, the Blue patch with a golden number ‘5’ on it is the symbol for the 5th Air Force, which at the time was also part of the Army (they were combined as one branch).

The reason I reiterated information I’ve already mentioned is for new people, or people that might not have read those older entries or people that may have just forgotten. Also because it’s been a few entries since he’s mentioned his location or what his duties actually are, so I figured it would probably be a good time to do so, I will try to do this sort of thing more often.

Now to the actual journal entry, “Japs raided Biak.” I tried to research this online, and could not find anything about the Japanese raiding Biak on this date, leading me to believe it was not very serious or large, most likely a minor battle if any at all. But then again I might be wrong, and I might not have researched deep enough, so I apologize that I can not provide more information about this. If anyone can, feel free to comment it down below and I will update this accordingly.

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