Hello everyone, again, it is me the owner and creator of this website. This post is going to be similar to the other update posts I’ve done. So if you’re not interested in me and additional stuff about the website then I guess stop reading if you haven’t already, or feel free to stay, your choice. Just warning you now it is a very long post.

Alright so I have a very special announcement to make, at least to me it’s special. So if you remember a few weeks ago, at the bottom of a journal entry I mentioned there would be a big announcement and surprise coming soon. Well that’s what this is about, and I will try and explain as best I can what they will be about.

So on this website I have the blog posts of each journal entry going in sequential order along with a picture of each entry in the journal. I also have some update posts and other random ones that are just text. Along the left hand side of the website interface there is a section called “About” which is where I basically give a simplified version of my grandfather’s backstory and other details you will not find in the Journal. Beneath that is a section called “Photos” with two subsections called “Journal Entries” and “Other”. In the “Journal Entries” section you will find the picture of each journal entry I have posted in sequential order starting with the first one, so if you are not interested in reading my comments and the transcription for each one and would like to just read it how it’s written then you can do that there. I update it each time I post a new entry. In the “Other” section you will find random images like my Grandfather’s Uniform, his Purple Heart and some other stuff, you will not find the Journal Entry pictures there. So encase you never noticed those or were curious where they took you, now you know.

Alright so now to the announcement, after looking through my website I realized I really don’t have a whole lot of pictures and that most people would prefer to look at pictures rather than text. I realized I basically have no pictures of him actually in the war or stuff along those lines, pictures of what he actually did. Luckily my Grandmother has a whole album of pictures Mike took throughout his time serving in the war, they range from the native people he met to pictures of what he did and the lands he traveled to. I have not looked through it for a very long time myself so when I go to visit my Grandmother I will do so. I will also take individual pictures of each individual print out. I will create a new page on the website and upload them there, along with a video slideshow. So if you don’t feel like scrolling through pictures yourself you can just sit back and watch the video version. I am very excited to do this, I really hope you guys like it and it works out the way I have envisioned in my mind. Although this might not happen for another one to three months, so sorry in advance for that.

There is another thing I would like to announce. Sometime in the 90’s a family member of mine asked Mike to sit down with him. He setup a camera on Mike and proceeded to interview him about what he did in WWII and his thoughts on it while simultaneously looking at the pictures. I personally have never seen it, but luckily I have a copy on hand. The only problem is it’s a VHS tape, and I do not have a VHS player. They are very expensive to buy, so what I plan to do is convert it into a CD and download it like that. Once I do that I will edit it, cutting out the audio of parts where he mentions any last names and addresses and pix-elate his mouth, just to keep people’s information private. Other than that it will remain as it was originally. This means so much to me as I have no idea what the contents are and I never got to meet him, so it will be very interesting to me to see this. Once this is all finished I will be uploading it to YouTube and then to this website so you all can watch it if you would like. This combined with the pictures should give you a much better idea of what type of person Mike was and will hopefully increase the quality of this website.

I will update you all once I get further into doing this, just know it make take a little while because I want to make sure it’s as good as can be. I am very excited to further this project I started.

Thank you to everyone who has read this far and has shown any support to this website.

〜  Michael

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