Entry #41

“July 30 – Had a real air raid. Japs dropped bombs in 35th Fighter Group camp, killing 9 men, wounding about 10. Bomb made direct hit on slit trench. Three more were killed at Air – Freight. Helped wounded. A night ‘ll never forget. Their bodies were all mangled.”


Alright so what he means by “Had a real air raid”, well at least what I think he means, is that this is the first one he’s experienced where it had casualties.

The “35th Fighter Group” was an Air Force unit who did ground and air combat missions in WWII in Japan, the Philippines, and New Guinea. Here is a website giving a brief history of what they did during WWII if you are interested:


I can’t imagine what Mike was thinking later on this day / night after all this happened. After reading these lines “A night I’ll never forget. Their bodies were all mangled” I paused for a second and tried to visualize what that must of been like for him and everyone else there. These were very powerful lines to me at least.

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