Entry #39

“July 20 – Charles Lindbergh at our camp giving pilots tips on flying. Flew combat missions also.” 


Alright so this entry is very interesting because Mike wrote that “Charles Lindbergh” came to his camp and gave pilots tips. Meaning that Mike most likely met the man. I’m guessing most of you have heard of Charles Lindbergh, maybe the name sounds slightly familiar to you.

He is the world / historically famous pilot that made the first solo non – stop flight across the Atlantic Ocean, on May 20 – 21 1927. So the person Mike met (I say met loosely, I am guessing that Mike did as it was a very small island they were on so he most likely did, but I have no way to be sure) is the Charles Lindbergh, which in today’s world would be the equivalent of meeting a movie star or sports star. It is very interesting that he even gave “pilots tips on flying” and that he also “Flew combat missions”.  So the rest of this entry is going to be about Charles Lindbergh, so if you aren’t too interested in him then I would advise to stop reading here.

His full name was Charles Augustus Lindbergh, he was born February 4th, 1902 in Detroit Michigan and passed away on August 26th, 1974 making him 72 years old. When he made his world famous flight he was 25 and when he assisted in WW2 he was about 43 years old.


This is what he looked like when he was younger.


This is what he looked like when he was in the Pacific during WW2 (he’s the guy on the right).

So I am not going to talk too much about his early life and stuff he did outside of WW2, but if you are interested below is a link for a really great website with a full biography on him. He is a very interesting person so I highly recommend reading it.


So during his time in WW2, he was originally only supposed to be going over as a civilian technical representative, but ended up being a fighter pilot, flying 35 combat missions in the Pacific.  He also gave pilots advice and techniques on how to survive, preserve more fuel, and take out enemy fighter pilots easier. He was a major help in the Pacific even though he was not officially in any military branch. I am not going to explain any more because it would be plagiarism so below you will find an amazing website talking about how he helped the 5th Air Force during July of 1944 in New Guinea, exactly where and when Mike was stationed there, hence how he met him.


*I do not own any of the images used in this post, below are the links to the websites where I found them: 

Image #1 – https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Charles_Lindbergh

Image #2 – http://www.ozatwar.com/ozatwar/lindbergh.htm 



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