Entry #38

“July 19 – Were on alert, thought Japs would pattern bomb. They didn’t come.” 


Alright so when he says “Japs” he is referring to the Japanese, it is a term used to describe anyone of Japanese, mainly used during WW2 by allied force’s media (newspapers, etc.) when talking about Japan and eventually used by allied troops as slang for Japanese troops. I am not going to say if it is racist or not because that is up for you to decide.

The next part that interested me about this entry is when he mentioned that the “Japs would pattern bomb”. I realized not everyone necessarily knows what pattern bombing is. It is essentially where military forces drop bombs from air crafts in pre – determined areas, known as patterns. It is typically done in areas of high enemy forces concentration or areas of value. It is the opposite of carpet bombing, which is where a lot of bombs are dropped on anything and everything on the main part of a land mass, the goal for that is to destroy anything in it’s path. This was commonly done during the Battle of Britain on several cities. While pattern bombing was mainly used in more rural smaller areas such as islands where Mike was.

Below you will find a link to this website showing an interactive map of all the bombs dropped by Nazis in London during WW2. If you are interested in how the bombings worked and how much of London was actually targeted and destroyed I highly recommend clicking on the link. It was made with the help of the National Archives so it is very accurate.



Hello again, it is me the owner / creator of this website. One quick thing, in the next 2 weeks I have a big announcement coming about this website , it involves a camera. So stay tuned for that, thanks!

〜 Michael

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