Hello everyone it is me, the owner / creator of this website. Before I get into everything I would like to warn you that this is going to be a very long post. So before I explain what’s been going on with me and this website I would like to talk about why I started it in the first place.

So let me start by explaining how I even started it in the first place. A week prior to starting it I visited my grandmother at her house. Her husband was Mike, the person this website is about. While at her house she pulled out my grandfather’s uniform, Purple Heart and journal from WWII along with some photographs. I always knew she had all of this and the journal but like most of my other family members I never bothered to get around to reading it. So right before I left I asked her if I could take it home and read it. As my grandfather passed away before I was born so I never really knew too much about him and his service during WWII, I figured this would be very interesting. The more I read of it the more I realized how incredible this is. That in my hands is an intact, legible journal from the Second World War, making it about seventy – four years old. On top of that I realized how descriptive it actually is. Once I realized this I talked with some other family members and friends of mine about it and came to the conclusion that this is something other people should get a chance to see. That’s when I came up with the idea to create a website, as I figured out that would be the only realistic way of sharing this sort of thing with the world.  So I went online, purchased a website and spent a whole day creating it. Then I made my first post on March 14th, 2017 , a little over five months ago. Since then the website has grown a lot more than I expected, when I created it I had no idea I would actually post on it more than once and I didn’t even know if it was something I would like doing. But I realized after the first few entries what this really means to me and that I didn’t mind doing it. Since then 961 people have viewed the website. Now that is just a number, I don’t care about how big it is, that is not the reason I did this. So thank you to anyone who has taken time to visit this website and to anyone who has shared it with others. Thank you to my family members who have supported and helped me with it, and thank you grandma for allowing me to borrow the journal in the first place. Going back to earlier, where I said I realized what this website means to me. On a deeper more personal level, to me this is carrying on my grandfather’s legacy, which is hard for me to explain what that actually means to me by typing on keyboard, but just know it means a lot to me. On a greater level, the main reason I wanted to share this with other family members and the world is for the educational aspect. There is not a lot of legible, intact journals from WWII around, so since something like this is so rare I feel like it is something that should be shared to anyone who is interested or could benefit from it. Another reason is encase this journal would be lost one day, my family and I would basically have a backup version of it. So again thank you to everyone who has supported this so far!

Alright now I would like to explain where I have been and why I have not posted on the website in about three months. But before that I would like to apologize, that I have not posted on it for so long, if I have disappointed or let anyone down. The reason being is because the summer season is the busiest time for the place I work at, and I am also joining the military so I just really have not had a lot of free time. When I do I just never felt like posting on the website to be completely honest. So again I am very sorry for this.

This is the final part don’t worry. I would like to say that I am back and I will really try and post on it frequently, like I used to when I first started it. I do not want to let this die out, I am going to try and commit to finishing what I started. That being said, you will hopefully see a new journal post in the next few days and many more from there on out. Maybe some more pictures and other stuff. Again thank you for any support you have given and to anyone who actually read this far.

〜  Michael

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