Entry #29

“June 25 – Japs raided Mokmer strip and strafed. Col. Davis went home, gave each tent a quart of gin.” 

Alright so “Mokmer strip” was an airstrip on the island of Biak, in Papua New Guinea. This airstrip was involved in the Battle of Biak, which is mentioned in previous entries. At the time it was taken back from the Japanese Troops by the United States Troops, which is why the Japanese are attacking it when he wrote this entry. When he says they “strafed” he means that the Japanese flew very low over the airstrip, dropping bombs and firing machine guns on the people and equipment below, doing it very quickly and repeatedly. This was a very common tactic done by military in WW2.

“Col. Davis” was a Colonel he mentions in this entry. We do not know more information about him, because if you search the name “Col. Davis” a lot of results from WW2 come up, so it won’t be possible to tell which one is his, so I apologize for that.

“Gin” is a liquor, that was commonly drank during WW2, some soldiers even used it to make cocktails.

Entry #29(2)

(The black scribble is digital only, meant to cover up the next entry.)


(Papua New Guinea is the country highlighted in red, it is right above Australia.)


*Please note that we do not own these images, here are the sources for them:

World Map –


Flag –

http://papuanewguineaflag.facts.co/papuanewguineaflagof/papuanewguineaflag.php *

Encase you wondering here is where Papua New Guinea is on a world map, and what their flag looks like. I figured since this country is mentioned a lot in this journal I should probably show what their flag is and where on a world map they are located.

Also if you would like to read more information about WW2 and the war in the Pacific (the part that my grandfather fought in) then you can check out this really well done website called Pacific Paratrooper, it is updated frequently and has a wealth of information, ranging from Eye – Witness accounts to journal entries to humorous WW2 cartoons: https://pacificparatrooper.wordpress.com

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