Entry #28

“June 23 – Big Naval battle in Marianas.” 

Alright so I am slightly confused about this entry. Researching online about a naval battle at “Marianas” on June 23, 1944 there is multiple things that come up. The most notable being the battle of the Philippine Sea, nicknamed “Marianas Turkey Shoot”. Which lasted until June 29th of that same year. Parts of this battle took place on the Marianas Islands. This is the only large naval battle that comes up for this date. Leading me to think he was referring to the Battle of the Philippine Sea. What is very odd about this entry in particular is that he only wrote five words, and for something this big you would expect more. It leads me to believe he saw / possibly did some very horrific things this day, which he probably did not want to write or talk about (like possibly killing a Japanese soldier or seeing a lot of death / explosions). If he was referring to this then below you will find more information and some websites you can check out about it. If he was referring to another naval battle please feel free to correct me by leaving a comment down below, and if that is the case I sincerely apologize.

So this battle was one of the most important battle’s of WW2. It was the United States versus Japan. The United States won which stopped Japan from conducting large scale naval missions afterwards. Meaning it stopped Japan from sending Navy towards America and Europe, potentially stopping the Axis powers (Germany, Italy, Japan) from winning the war. It also gave the United states control of the Philippine Sea which was major in our effort against fighting Japan. This was the largest aircraft carrier battle in history, and one of the largest naval battles of WW2.


(The black scribble is digital only, I did it to cover up the next entry.)

More information on the Battle of the Philippine Sea:





9 thoughts on “Entry #28

  1. History has a way of looking back and compartmentalizing different battles. There were two major battles in the area that often get confused with each other. For the men going through it all, it’s a different view than historians looking back. All you can do is try your best in making sense out of it all.

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    • Yea that is very true , some of this hard to make sense of because at the time they called some of the battles or events that took place different from what they formally became known as. Thank you for the advice , best of luck to you and your website man, I’ll link your website I’m my next post 😀

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      • Thank you for that, but please don’t feel obligated. Quite a few bloggers, when they first start out ask me about how many followers I have and what I do to get them – and I tell them the same I told you. It was how I was treated when I first started out and it is only right that I pass things on in the same manner.

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      • Yea sure thing , and I felt that since you helped me out so much I should help you out back. Gotcha so you have to work your way up , makes a lot of sense. How long have you been doing this?


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