Entry #23

“(BIAK) June 11 – Unloaded liberty boat on to Lst’s and arrived at Biak Island June 14. Had plenty of alerts but no raids while un – loading. Got quite a scare, artillery was still on beach and Japs not far away. Strips were still in Jap hands.” “Lst’s” are landing ship tanks, the amphibious vehicles military uses that can go in water and then land on the shore to deploy troops, vehicles and supplies. When he said he “had plenty of alerts but no raids” he means he had alerts that the Japanese were going to attack (whether it be by bombing or a ground attack) but they did not. Artillery is weaponry used by the military to fire munitions with more power and range than guns can provide. When he says “Strips were still in Jap hands” he means the air strips were still controlled by the Japanese at the time.

Alright so we think that Mike’s unit was a part of the 162nd Infantry Regiment, because from what were are finding online the 41st Infantry Division arrived to the battle first then the only other troops to arrive later on in the battle were part of the 162nd Infantry Regiment, leading us to believe he was part of it.


Here is what an LST looks like:


*Please note we do not own this image, here is the source for it: http://www.navsource.org/archives/10/16/160134.htm *


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