Entry #17

“Feb. 21 – Transferred to Fifth Air Force Staging Area. 267 Rep’l. Co. APO928. Did general duty. Saw plenty of movies.” During WW2 the Army and Air Force were combined, so at the time it was called Army Air Force. He was part of a replacement company for the “Fifth Air Force” at the time this was written. Eventually his unit will ship out to replace the troops on the front line.


The picture below is Mike’s uniform Jacket (the part of the uniform shown in this picture is the left sleeve). The blue patch at the top with the “5” on it is his patch for the Fifth Army Air Force Division, and the patch below it with the three chevrons is a patch for his rank(this is his rank from when he finished the war, he finished the war as a Sargent. You will find out in later entries how he got promoted to this rank.*If you would like to see more pictures besides the journal entries feel free to go to the Other Photos section of this website*


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