7 thoughts on “Entry #1

  1. Hi Mike,
    First off, I respect your enthusiasm, but I do not deal with personal emails. Story is too long to explain right now, but I do moderate my blog comments. That means only the person sending and I can visually see it on-line until I approve or trash it – that acts as my email for the readers. Just let me know if you prefer the matter to go to trash after I read it – Okay? I was actually fortunate to actually catch your email – this time.
    Attracting readers can be work, but you only get out of it what you put in. Try not to make posts too long (~ 4-700 words) or too many times a day. Go to the Reader page easily found in the top left-hand side of your site next to ‘My Site’. Click on Recommendations, WordPress sets up some for you to read with similar interests you have. Then you can go to those Followed sites. The latest posts from those people will be there, but I want you to look on the left under the word Tags – click on Add+ and enter the Tags you’re interested in, eg: WWII, WW2, Military History, etc.
    Make certain you make a return trip to anyone who has click onto your site, I call it a courtesy click back. If you discover it to be a commercial site, you can always Spam it – some people just want people to click on with no real interest.
    Try these suggestions and we’ll see how it goes. Wish you luck. [I’ll be watching…. lol]

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